Identify the Location / Use

Things to Do / Consider Before Leasing or Buying

  • Make an appointment with the Planning and Zoning Division of the County.
  • Verify that the proposed business use is compatible with existing zoning.
  • Request a copy of the zoning regulation by contacting the Roanoke County Planning Department at 540-772-2068, or download the regulation from the Roanoke County Zoning page.
  • Is a rezoning required?
  • Are there any zoning restrictions on the property that will inhibit doing business?
  • Will it require a Change of Use?
  • Contact the Real Estate Valuation Department at 540-772-2035 to determine whether a Change of Use affects the tax liability.
  • If a Change of Use is required, then current building codes must be met.
  • Make an appointment with the Building Commissioner's Office to verify code compliance. The Building Commissioner's Office can be reached by phone at 540-772-2065.
  • Schedule a meeting with the Fire Marshal's Office to verify the site is in compliance with new fire code. The Fire Marshal's Office can be reached by phone at 540-777-8721.
  • Contact the Western Virginia Water Authority at 540-853-5700 to verify ample water pressure to the property to support a sprinkler system or meet the product demands.

NOTE: Please check with each office to determine if a fee is required.