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Partner Perspectives (11)

Roanoke County is proud to foster an economic environment that benefits businesses across the spectrum. From our legacy manufacturers to the young start-ups, we're here to provide technical assistance, access to resources, regulatory guidance, and any other navigation to help grow your business. 

We pride ourselves on the brand Roanoke County Business Partners because we only succeed when our businesses do, so we work to strategically help you and your team achieve your goals and propel your company forward.

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Partner Perspectives (9)
Hear local business leaders highlight advantages of doing business in Roanoke County 


Brad Hall, Vice President of External Affairs at Appalachian Power tells us why his team at AEP invested $15,000 in the ELEVATE Roanoke County 2026 Strategic Plan and what it means for Roanoke.

Communities that plan are communities that succeed... It's going to benefit the people that live in Roanoke County. 


Local real estate developer, Alexander Boone tells us about the ease of developing commercial space along Roanoke County's planning district 419 corridor.

I'm grateful to Roanoke County for their support... The whole team there was great to work with.


Linda Bailey, owner of Total You Health, grew her business with the help of like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors she found through local programs like The Gauntlet, which she participated in twice when she opened and then expanded her business.

You learn so much. I recommend anybody who's thinking about opening a business, but if they're already open, to go ahead and go through it.


Development financing helped Richfield Living expand twice in 2021 and offer a higher quality of life for their residents in their new Health and Town Centers.

Our Development team has nothing but kind words... They've cited Roanoke County as the best team they've ever worked with.


Megan Palmer and her team at Pavement Stencil Company enrolled in the National Economic Gardening Program and were able to tap into new international markets. 

We were able to look internally to what Pavement Stencil needed to do to make us even better; a better version of ourselves.

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Roanoke County Business Partners is a monthly business highlight show that features exciting news from local businesses, grand openings of new businesses, and programs from public and private institutions that help local companies. There is also an ad hoc PSA portion that provides important and useful information for local business leaders and citizens. Each episode consists of 3 segments ranging from 3 - 5 minutes each. Roanoke County Business Partners airs on Cox channel 3, as well as Roanoke County's and Roanoke Valley Television's respective social media pages.

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A few more Partner Perspectives 
on doing business in Roanoke County

"It’s been a collaborative effort which has been very welcome. We haven’t felt like there were any cumbersome policies. Everyone is straightforward which helps us to mitigate risk."

“We had an obstacle-free development experience in Roanoke County.”


“ We had a good experience through the development process. We were doing a road project in front of the site and the county was great to work with."

“Roanoke County is the hub of Western Virginia with I-81 access and proximity to major metropolitan areas in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, etc. This connectivity made it top on our list for potential development sites.”

"The development community is a network so continue to be business and development friendly. That makes a big difference to developers looking for similar markets to what they are in now. Municipalities that are known for being development friendly with streamlined processes and a lack of roadblocks are going to attract investment.

Richfield Living ariel

"We’ve been very grateful for the support and help we have gotten from the county for our business."

“There was a lack of red-tape in Roanoke County and not many layers of bureaucracy. This means a faster development time, reduced, risk and the potential for better margins.”

"The county reaches out to us to provide information. They actively reach out to see what we need and how they can help our business."

"In Roanoke County, there’s been no surprise opposition to our development, and that’s NOT how it normally works. That’s a big win for us!”


“Roanoke County is a really good location for an extended stay hotel based on the proximity to I-81 and the amenities you need as an extended stay guest. There are a lot of businesses with significant employees, etc. The county has been extremely easy to work with, so it’s clear that the county is very user-friendly.” 

“The county has been focusing on the outdoors and we should continue to promote this. People are moving to the area because of the access to the outdoors, affordable housing and wanting to get away from the crowds. People like the slower pace and lack of traffic. I want to develop more properties here.”

mack square

“Overall, the permitting time in Roanoke County is fast. I needed to go through a rezoning situation for the special permit. Applied day before Thanksgiving, presented at the first meeting of the year and was permitted right away and started construction by summer.”

“From our experience thus far, it has been highly positive to work with Roanoke County. They have been great, and the process has been easy. We would absolutely consider doing another project here.”