Expedited Development Review Process

done1I'm grateful to Roanoke County for their support... The whole team there was great to work with.

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Roanoke County Expedited Development Review Process

Roanoke County is experienced with expediting the development review and construction process, and has a four-step plan to ensure a smooth transition into the County for approved economic development projects:

  1. The Site Plan Review includes a team approach with all departments/agencies involved in reviewing and approving plans including:  Engineering, Planning and Zoning, the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Western Virginia Water Authority, Fire and Building Safety; 
  2. The Building Plan Review includes the same team approach with Fire and Building Safety, Building Construction, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical; 
  3. Customized site and building inspections, including structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical, and erosion and sediment control.
  4. Certificate of Occupancy issued at the conclusion of the project

Roanoke County guarantees the following to expedite development projects in the County:

  • Site plan review with be completed within ten (10) working days
  • Building plan review will be completed within ten (10) working days
  • We will issue the permits within 24 to 48 hours from concluding the review, assuming approval is granted from all review agencies.  
  • We will provide 24/7 inspections upon request. 
  • We will provide inspections within 24 hours or less.  
  • We will also issue partial Certificates of Occupancy throughout the project development, assuming that the safety of the employees is not compromised.  

As value-added service to economic development projects, we will assign a project manager, as well coordinate multiple design conferences with your architecture and engineering firms throughout the design phase to ensure codes, regulations, materials and specs meet our ordinances. Our goal is to help mitigate risks!


We were extremely pleased with Roanoke County's responsiveness with our project. We found them to be very reasonable, professional and 'quick' which made the review process work very well with our team. There was no comparison with other localities we work with - Roanoke County rises above many of them and offered the best experience I've had with a fast track project. We highly recommended Roanoke County for projects.

Steve Hostetler, Principal Site Development Group Timmons Engineering