Technology Zones

The Technology Zones are located within Roanoke County's Center for Research and Technology (CRT) and the Vinton Business Center (VBC). Designed to promote the success of technology-based businesses, Roanoke County's Technology Zones provide regulatory flexibility, while seeking to accommodate the requirements of emerging companies.

Zone Incentives

A host of incentives are available to companies locating within the Technology Zone. Companies may be eligible to receive:

  • Up to 100% discount on building and permit fees
  • Up to 100% discount on purchase price of land
  • Up to 100% discount on water and sanitary sewer connection fees

Additional incentives may include:

  • Site preparation and/or infrastructure improvement grants
  • An exemption of up to 100% of the local Business License Tax (BPOL)
  • A one-time local grant for job training of up to $500 per new employee

Incentives are based upon the level of employment and investment generated by the company and are available to companies who meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

Qualified Technology Business Eligibility Requirements

A qualified Technology Business is a company that derives its gross receipts from research, development, manufacture or rendering of advanced technological products or services, having a minimum total capital investment of $100,000 within a technology zone and having an average wage scale for employees within the technology zone equal to one and one-half times the existing median wage rate for the Roanoke region.